Is it Cheaper to Rekey or Replace a Lock?

When it comes to security, changing your password is often the most cost-effective and secure solution. But when it comes to locks, the decision between rekeying and replacing them can be a bit more complicated. Rekeying a lock is usually the more affordable option. This is because the cost of lock pins is lower than the cost of all new parts when replacing a lock.

Rekeying is also an easy way to keep your home and workplace safe and secure, as well as an ideal solution if you already like your current doorknob and want a cost-effective security solution. You may also want to consider rekeying your lock if you prefer a different design or color for your lock. This could be because the new place you've moved to has old, rusty locks. Additionally, rekeying your lock is essential if you want to match different keys from different locks into a single key, but the locks come in different brands or holes.

Rekeying a lock is a procedure that requires deep learning and having the right tools, which can be expensive, slow and very risky. To avoid these risks, it's always best to hire a reputable and prestigious locksmith. A full-service locksmith like Harry's Locksmith will have the knowledge and experience necessary to rekey homes, office buildings, car doors, and vaults and boxes.

Mamie Newball
Mamie Newball

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