Is it Cheaper to Rekey or Replace Your Locks?

When it comes to the cost of changing the key on a lock versus replacing the lock in Locksmith Nassau County, the former is almost always the more affordable option. This is because the pins inside the locks are relatively inexpensive, while when a lock is replaced, all new parts must be purchased. As lock keys are very inexpensive, changing them is usually much cheaper than replacing them. When changing the key on a lockset, you are only charged for labor, while when the locks are changed, you pay for both labor and the pieces. If you don't have the corresponding key, the only way to change the key to the lock in Locksmith Nassau County will be to open it with a key and, although it's not usually a problem for a skilled locksmith, there may be additional expenses that can make it more expensive than replacing the lock completely. Some newer types of locks offer the option of easily changing them at home without having to disassemble them or call a locksmith.

Additionally, if you attempt to change a lock yourself and fail, you won't be able to damage it much; however, if you try to change the key of a lock without success, you will almost always completely ruin it. Each series of pins in the lock corresponds to a specific key, so when you replace those pins with different ones, you essentially create a new key that will now work in the lock.In cases where you have one or more locks installed but don't have the key, you'll need to compare the price of a new lock with changing them without a key (which requires additional labor) and make an informed decision about what's more cost-effective. While “changing a lock” is self-explanatory, as it simply refers to changing an old lock for a new one, rekeying them requires a bit of explanation in order to understand it. Most people don't know that, instead of changing their locks, there's a much better and often cheaper solution: rekeying them.

Changing the key of a lock means replacing the existing key with another one without replacing the lock itself.Rekeying your locks is almost always cheaper than replacing them and can be done quickly and easily by an experienced locksmith. It involves removing all of the pins from inside the lock and replacing them with new ones that correspond to a different key. This process is much simpler than replacing an entire lock and can save you time and money in the long run. Additionally, rekeying your locks can provide added security since no one else will have access to your new keys.

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